Syntel Gives Back


The Syntel teams gathered at the beautiful La Canterra Resort in San Antonio, TX for their annual event. The group was energetic, competitive, and very excited to take part in our charity challenge, “Buddies for Health.”

We began the event by discovering more about the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and then each group member taking an opportunity to share something from their own lives. The participants were silent as each person was taking part in this heartfelt moment, connecting to their fellow teammates, but also learning more about who it is they work with on a day-to-day basis. The vulnerability of the group was amazing.

After the teams completed their shares, we jumped into action! We began with our “thinking” activity, which earned the teams their stuffed animals. Then we moved into a competitive challenge to get the teams their t-shirts and design materials. Lastly, we wrapped up the decorating process by making greeting cards for the children.

All along we were tallying scores for these competitive team members. It came down to three teams to win a prize awarded by Syntel, so we called the Pink, Purple, and Yellow teams up for a neck-to-neck relay with all the other teams cheering them on. It was a close win in the end, but it was too hard to tell. We did an audience “cheer-off” which awarded the Purple team the final win!

Lastly, we wrapped up the event by hearing from a Child Life Specialist at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. It was a great end to an incredible event. The teams not only had a blast together, but they all took to heart the meaningful work they were doing to spread a ripple effect out into the world.