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What is the Everything DiSC Catalyst Platform?Everything DiSC Catalyst Sign In Page

The NEW Everything DiSC Catalyst platform takes Everything DiSC to the next level.  This robust and interactive learning platform promotes a culture of Return & Learn.  Access modules that include: Everything DiSC Workplace, Agile EQ, and soon to be released ED Management and Productive Conflict.  Take Everything DiSC to the next level with a deep dive into the many aspects of communications in the workplace.

What are the Benefits of Catalyst?

The Catalyst platform is a personalized, on-demand learning experience platform.  Learners take their DiSC assessment, gain access to their personalized results, explore Workplace, Agile EQ, Management, Productive Conflict content, and compare their DiSC style to colleagues with actionable tips for more effective interactions.

  • NEW Modular Design:  Each of the Everything DiSC assessments have been redesigned into modules.  Each module is self-contained and can be done alone or in conjunction with the others.  This design is virtual friendly for team training sessions.  Easily customized to meet a wide range of time or group-size constraints.Everything DiSC Catalyst Workplace Learning Modules
  • Compare DiSC Styles:  Access specific tips and strategies to increase communication effectiveness with colleagues.  Everything DiSC Catalyst People Comparisons
  • Build DiSC Knowledge with Additional Learning Modules:  Once you complete one Everything DiSC assessment, you can add additional learning modules to the Catalyst platform.  No need to retake the assessment.  For example, complete Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst and later add:  AgileEQ, ED Management, or Productive Conflict learning modules.Everything DiSC Catalyst Platform Learning Modules

How Can I Access the Everything DiSC Catalyst Platform?

  • For anyone who has already completed an Everything DiSC Workplace or Classic DiSC assessment, you are able to upgrade to Catalyst for FREE through March 31, 2021Contact us and we will process your FREE upgrade.
  • For those who have completed ED Management, AgileEQ, Productive Conflict, Sales, Work of Leaders, or 363 for Leaders, we are offering introductory pricing for the Catalyst platform through March 31, 2021Contact us and we will pull your results from your prior ED assessment into your updated Catalyst results.
  • Corporate Teams in collaboration with our partner site: www.Profile, offers complementary debriefs/webinars to get you familiar with the Catalyst platform.  Contact us to schedule a session.

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