Win It In a Minute Team Challenge!

Team Size:

5 - 100

Space Requirements:



1hrs - 2

Physical Challenge:


Event Brochure:

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Ready, Set, Go!

Engage your team in a fast and furious competitive adventure based on the ‘Minute to Win It’ television series.  Add the twist of intensely collaborative team challenges and create a high-energy experience that pits teams against each other in a series of challenges.

This program is perfect for teams that want a high-energy icebreaker challenge or engaging experience to break up a long day of meetings.  The optimal time for this program is 1-2 hours depending on types/complexity of challenges.

Program Overview

Overall Team Objective?

Each challenge earns the team points. Totals accumulate over the series of challenges to earn the top spot in the overall competition. Collaborative team challenges have teams engage in ‘hands-on’ quick, strategic, and fast paced activities.

How Does the Program Work?

The overall group is split into teams. Each team creates a unique team name to kick things off. A series of challenges are presented over the time period for competition. Teams may have time for practice or the challenge may require the team to jump right into action. Some challenges require the entire team while others require 1-2 team members. All team members must engage in a hands-on challenge throughout the competition.

Who Wins?

The allocation of points is determined by overall performance during the competitive challenge. Teams accumulate points throughout the competition. It’s not the fastest teams that win – it’s the SMARTEST Teams!